Earth Friendly! Oregon WindPower manufactures and markets wind turbines for agriculture, residential and commercial applications. Our wind turbines are manufactured and tested to optimize efficiency in generating power. These work horses are second to none in the industry. Following installation your wind turbine will go to work generate revenue in the form of usable power for years to come. Let us help you do your part in being earth friendly.

Oregon WindPower has been working with the agriculture business to design products that will help farmers reduce their costs. Electricity from irrigation pumps can be extremely costly. Our 1600 watt wind turbine installed at your well head can greatly reduce your electricity cost with irrigation. One of the Oregon WindPower owners has been supplying pivots and rebuilt pumps to farmers for more than 40 years.


The OWP800 and OWP1600 wind turbines are designed, manufactured and tested in Salem, Oregon. These units are designed for residential, commerical and agriculture applications. See our product page for additional information. Our new line of wind turbines, designed to OWP specifications are now available on our product page. Check out our new HOT Selling 600 Watt unit for $699.00.

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